Bugzilla Migration to new server issue

Thorsten Schöning tschoening at am-soft.de
Tue Sep 28 07:53:44 UTC 2021

Guten Tag derek.bennett at attaininsight.com,
am Dienstag, 28. September 2021 um 03:15 schrieben Sie:

> [...]Checksetup.pl now
> gives me a green complete (see below). However, I can't browse the site to
> remove the text from the shutdownhtml parameter.

Some details about what that actually means, which errors you get,
what doesn't work etc. would have been helpful.

> I did update the sslbase
> and urlbase entries with the ip of the host as well and also tried rebooting
> the server.

How did you update those settings without being able to browse the
site? If you needed to change "data/params.json", that contains a key
for "shutdownhtml" as well:

> "shutdownhtml" : "",

> I was able to browse the site before I imported the database
> though.

Which is exactly the wrong thing I spoke about before: This means you
ran checksetup.pl on an empty database, which resulted in a fresh new
Bugzilla installation. Otherwise Bugzilla wouldn't have been able to
work at all. Importing a backup over that fresh new installation is
wrong and can lead to all kinds of errors. The import needs to be done
with an empty database and checksetup.pl needs to be run afterwards.

Being able to access the site properly afterwards should then only
depend on the web server config and the files "localconfig" and
"data/params.json" of Bugzilla itself. Both need to be the ones from
the old Bugzilla, possibly adjusted to the new host using some text

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