Bugzilla Migration to new server issue

derek.bennett at attaininsight.com derek.bennett at attaininsight.com
Tue Sep 28 01:15:27 UTC 2021

Ok, thanks for the direction. Just want to say that I did not deploy the
original and this was handed to me without any notes or info, so I'm trying
to figure this out from scratch because the client needs it moved to a new
datacenter. With that said:

I was able to run a new PG dump and re-imported after recreating the
database. The only error I got was the pg_repack which I believe can be
ignored. I have installed the prepack though just in case. Checksetup.pl now
gives me a green complete (see below). However, I can't browse the site to
remove the text from the shutdownhtml parameter. I did update the sslbase
and urlbase entries with the ip of the host as well and also tried rebooting
the server. I was able to browse the site before I imported the database

Checking for               DBD-Pg (v2.7.0)    ok: found v3.10.5
Checking for           PostgreSQL (v8.03.0000) ok: found v10.00.1800
Checking for               DBD-Pg (v2.17.2)   ok: found v3.10.5

Removing existing compiled templates...
Precompiling templates...done.
Fixing file permissions...
Checking for             GraphViz (any)       ok
checksetup.pl complete.
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Guten Tag derek.bennett at attaininsight.com, am Montag, 27. September 2021 um
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> After giving up migrating Bugzilla to a Windows Server,

Was a bad idea most likely anyway, as multiple Bugzilla features won't work
at all or only difficult to setup.

> Adding new table bz_schema...
> DBD::Pg::db do failed: ERROR:  relation "bz_schema" already exists at 
> Bugzilla/DB.pm line 848.

This means your migration process was wrong and you restored most likely
only parts of the former database. Bugzilla maintaines its schema within the
databse to decide what needs to be created/migrated/... during upgrades.
bz_schema is the table storing those data and therefore not expected to be
missed/damaged/... at all.

One mistake additionally often done is running checksetup.pl on an empty
database and import some backup afterwards. That most likely won't work as

> ERROR:  could not open extension control file
> "/usr/share/postgresql/10/extension/pg_repack.control": No such file 
> or directory

This has nothing to do with Bugzilla itself, you simply created the database
differently than before. Seems like you installed that extension at some
point and removed it or alike.

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