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Mark Côté mcote at bugzilla.org
Mon Mar 23 20:40:51 UTC 2015

On 2015-03-23 3:22 PM, Cédric Corazza wrote:
> Le 23/03/2015 16:38, Gervase Markham a écrit :
>> Hi Cédric,
>> On 20/03/15 18:12, Cédric Corazza wrote:
>>> Just to inform you that I achieved the rewriting of Bugzilla
>>> localization guide including the move of documentation to reStructured
>>> Text and the RTD.org hosting:
>>> http://blog.bugzilla.fr/index.php?post/2015/03/20/Bugzilla-Localization-Guide-Reloaded
>> This is great :-)
>> Are you interested, and are the Bugzilla team interested, in making this
>> part of a more official Developer's Guide?
> Hi Gerv,
> I can work on it if this is wanted, but I would need a review from an
> English native speaker to correct my English and from some developer to
> be sure I did not write incorrect things or if there is an easier/more
> correct way to perform some of the instructions.

I can do the English review--my French is also decent fwiw. :)


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