EXTERNAL: Should the assignee see the deadline independently of his privs?

Frédéric Buclin lpsolit at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 17:47:07 UTC 2011

Le 12. 01. 11 18:38, Tosh, Michael J a écrit :
> IMHO, relax the field ONLY for the assignee, similar to allowing
> users to read bugs if they are the assignee and wouldn't have
> otherwise been able to read the bug.

That's not the same story. You cannot assign a bug to you if you cannot
see it. But here, if I want to know the deadline of a bug I can see,
then all I need to do is to briefly assign the bug to me. If the goal is
to guarantee some confidentiality, then this is a weak protection
(except that this would prevent users with no privs from seeing it, and
social pressure would prevent users trying to abuse this trick).


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