Easier Patch Submission? Is it possible?

Eric Black eblack at higherone.com
Wed Jan 20 14:29:39 UTC 2010

> Le 20. 01. 10 09:26, Jochen Wiedmann a écrit :
> > At that time, my proposal was refused, mostly with the argument that
> > the contributior "feels better", because the patch is "100% his".
> I remember this discussion. There were two points in favor of several
> iterations: the first one is the one you mentioned, i.e. letting the
> contributor attach a complete and correct patch, so he really has the
> feeling that he did the whole job himself (and to get all the merit).
> The second point was to make contributors "better", i.e. they understand
> the points we would like them to make better so that they do it right
> the next time they contribute.

As a new contributor, I feel the second point to be of greater importance since the better understanding of the reasons things are done the way they are will make it easier for subsequent patches, *but also* makes a coder better. 

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