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Guy Pyrzak guy.pyrzak at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 00:50:55 UTC 2010

Hello again!
Part 2 of the UI discussions is below.
*Header and Footer*
This discussion was pretty straight forward. We pointed out that the header
right now consists of two parts, one is a menu (more about that later) and
on top of that a bar that usually contains the words "Bugzilla", the name of
the page (which usually also appears as the page title and then again on the
page itself), and then the version number. This second blue bar is mostly
the title of the page which is typically very redundant. We also noticed
that we waste a lot of vertical real estate on this bar. So basically we're
thinking we should get rid of it, not the menu, the bar on top of it. There
was also discussion about fixing the position of the top menu bar at the top
of the screen (along with some shaking heads) so that the Bugzilla menu is
there no matter where you scroll to, Gerv added if we do that we might want
to add the save bug button to it.

Next was the footer. Again a lot there that mostly no one uses. Another area
which is redundant is the footer, a lot of space taken up for Saved
Searches, another menu and then if you have it turned on, tagging. We all
agreed we should have only one menu bar, at the top. I think the overall
decision on the footer was most of it should go away. I know many users at
Mozilla have told me they like having their saved searches visible on the
screen for ctrl-f purposes, so more than likely the saved searches would
live behind a tweak ui turn buckle that appeared inline for those users,
along with the version number,  and some other detailed information might
stay at the bottom in smaller text. But the short story is, the footer
navigation and other UI elements should mostly go away in favor of making
the header better.

checkout guy-pyrzak.blogspot.com later today for mock ups of the new header

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