[UI]2nd Quarterly Bugzilla User meeting

Guy Pyrzak guy.pyrzak at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 21:13:09 UTC 2010

Hi all,

Yesterday we had our 2nd quarterly Bugzilla Users meeting at Yahoo!, where
we discussed current and future updates to Bugzilla's User Interface. After
this email, throughout the day, you'll receive 8 subsequent emails, each one
will go in depth with each topic as well as a link to a blog post with
inline images, sketches etc (but the same text). I'll be prefixing all the
subject with [UI] for people who want to filter out this series of emails.

Topics covered at the meeting were:
- Header and Footer
- Homepage, both logged in and logged out
- Editing Bug page
- Create Bug page
- Search Pages
- Search Results page
- Report Query page
- Prettification

Topics that we wanted to cover but tabled for future meetings:
- Email
- Documentation

Let me know if you think we missed any!

The overall theme that we had was make the interface simpler for our casual
users, both by removing and consolidating redundant elements and hiding
widgets many users don't care about. We took an approach of what does a new
or casual user need to see and what can we remove that they wouldn't care
about most of the time, while still enabling the job to get done. I don't
think we ever defined the casual user specifically. In my head this is the
person who shows up to file a bug and doesn't understand the system that
they are filing a bug against very well, or someone who simply wants to read
a bug and post a comment or screen shot. I had a side discussion about the
idea of creating personas if that would help solidify the "casual user" to a
more general audience. This tends to be the user that really doesn't care
about 90% of our fields and just wants to get in and out of the system.

As you can see we talked about a lot of topics and had some really great
discussions. Thanks to everyone who participated, and thanks to everyone who
will continue to contribute through these emails.

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