[UI] Headers and Footers

Frédéric Buclin lpsolit at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 02:22:11 UTC 2010

Le 17. 12. 10 01:50, Guy Pyrzak a écrit :
> agreed we should have only one menu bar, at the top. I think the overall
> decision on the footer was most of it should go away.

If the menu in the header has a fix position, i.e. is always visible,
then I agree that the menu doesn't need to be in the footer too. About
the tagging form, we already discussed this and plan to move it in the
bug report itself, see
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=616191. This leaves us with
saved searches. No reason IMO to use a widget here, as users are already
able to decide which saved searches to display in the footer from


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