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Dave david12345 at
Sun Oct 26 01:33:55 UTC 2008

On Oct 22, 9:59 pm, Dave <david12... at> wrote:
> It was giving the "socket operation on non-socket" error and
> the only google-tips I found were 1) you are stupid, and 2) the server
> is angry.

Welcome, Dave.

It might be better to post this on a busier site but, in case Google
groks it, if you use Cygwin CVS 1.11.x and get this error,

  cvs [login aborted]: reading from server: Socket operation on non-

you might try getting a 1.12.x CVS from the /non-gnu folder in one of
these GNU sites,

This fixed the problem on my system.

Also, be sure to download the latest (tip) bugzilla: it has a fix for
the Oracle GROUP BY alias problem.

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