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Dave david12345 at
Thu Oct 23 03:59:35 UTC 2008

Hi all,

This is Dave King, presently with Oracle software in Denver, CO where
I lead a small team porting ClearCase extensions to Eclipse.  Inspired
by the Mylyn project, I set out to install Bugzilla over OracleXE on
Windows, found 3.2rc1, shared my experience in Bug 459982, and
followed Max' pointer to your Bugzilla:Developers page.  I've wanted
to be more involved with open source projects for quite some time.
Enough talk, eh?

I'm really happy right now because I finally got cvs to work on my
laptop.  It was giving the "socket operation on non-socket" error and
the only google-tips I found were 1) you are stupid, and 2) the server
is angry.  So I thought I would need a therapist to resolve this until
just now when Bugzilla finally came down.  ;-)

So my immediate effor will be to get Oracle Bugzilla working on
Windows and I would also enjoy, time permitting, to go through your
newcomer bugs and be generally useful until I am familiar with how
things work.  Apologies in advance for assorted dumb questions I will
ask.  Will also try to get on IRC soon, I think I saw a web interface

My background?  Well, I was a musician long ago and far away, then a
physics major, then a programmer / software engineer / general geek-
sort-of person.  My daughter is grown and my dog is a Weimaraner,
beautiful breed yes?  So I've been using mostly java and perl the past
few years and tried Ruby recently.  Ruby is Fun.

OK, nuff for now, hope your day is going well.


P.S.  Hello to my colleague in Beijing, I was there in '84 and know it
has continued to change tremendously!

P.P.S.  I have been using the redirector dave dot king at pobox dot
com but it is becoming increasingly inconvenient to have so many email
accounts, and I still get the spam, so I may give up and just use this
david12345 account.  This group presentation is easy to access.  I
think it is the same as your majordomo archives?  Anyway, I also
subscribed to that.  Ciao.
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