Env Auth general usage

JT Moree jtmoree at kahalacorp.com
Thu Oct 23 16:37:03 UTC 2008

I am curious as to how people are using the Env authentication
module--specifically when the user does not authenticate to apache with
an email address.  And are people using intermediary means between
apache and bugzilla to setup the environment vars?

I am trying to search the archives from here but it returns a blank
page.  http://www.bugzilla.org/developers/

We use Active Directory for auth on the network.  I have apache
authenticating against AD using mod_auth_pam (yes it is no longer

I could not get bugzilla to talk to the AD server and really I don't
need it to since apache is already able to authenticate the user.  The
problem I ran into was that the user authenticates with a username or
DOMAIN\username and bugzilla needs a valid email address.

I ended up patching bugzilla to add another parameter to be used when
the email is empty.  I posted the patch to a bug dealing with the issue
that had an older, broken patch.


Anyway, I would appreciate any feedback on the use of Env in general or
on the patch.

Thank you,

JT Moree
System Admin
480.362.4405 direct

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