Intro for JT

JT Moree jtmoree at
Mon Oct 27 19:36:26 UTC 2008

Hello List.

I'll introduce myself since it is suggested on the signup page and Dave
did it.

I'm a system admin now but have worn many hats from perl hacker to
system analyst.  

After moving to Phoenix, Arizona from St Louis, MO 2 years ago I started
going outdoors much more.  This and the stress of programming in badly
built frameworks (written by me and my team unfortunately) have cut down
my perl coding to a few hours a month.

Right now, I'm trying to setup infrastructure to stave off the 'we need
Team Foundation Server' which I see coming in the future.  Bugzilla is a
part of that infrastructure along with Mercurial, Subversion, and a wiki
engine I have not decided on yet (currently working with moinmoin).

This company is Mostly Microsoft so we use Active Directory for
centralized auth.  Getting all of these apps to work with AD has been a

JT Moree
System Admin
480.362.4405 direct

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