show_bug.cgi display layout

Gervase Markham gerv at
Sat Jan 20 16:33:05 UTC 2007

Kevin Benton wrote:
> Since the severities are now customizable, it's possible to set your own 
> definitions and include things like Enhancement is Business Critical, 
> Enhancement is Needed, Enhancement is Wanted, etc...  

But those are not severities, they are priorities (which are also 
customisable.) "Business Critical", for example, is clearly a priority, 
not a severity.

>>> Such as what? And is Bugzilla actually appropriate for tracking them?
>> As that bug describes:
> ... errata, documentation tracking issues, status trackers, ...

Errata is another name for bugs. Documentation tracking issues is a 
euphemism for bugs in the documentation. Bugzilla tracks these things 
fine today for loads of people.


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