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bill barry after.fallout at
Sat Jan 20 13:09:39 UTC 2007

> It would certainly make searching harder to do. How do you search for bugs
> fixed in the last three releases? "Depends on bug 12342, 16536 and 19354".
> Hang on - or was it 19345? :-)
> Aliases, we already have them to make finding special bugs easier, why not
> use them:
> blocks "next_rel"
> blocks "future"
> blocks  "Bugzilla 3.2"
> depends on "reflow"
> depends on "gecko_units"
> depends on "Bugzilla 2.10" and blocks "Bugzilla 2.18"
> Because you can only have one alias pointing to a single bug in the entire
> DB.  Using a milestone, keyword or flag makes more sense.

Why would you need an alias to point to more than one bug? There should only
be one bug for a release of a particular product. I am not sure I grasp your
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