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Dave Williss dwilliss at
Thu Jan 18 22:46:04 UTC 2007

Bill Barry wrote:
> In my opinion the Milestone field is a mistake. I think it would have 
> been superior to use special milestone bugs and dependencies to make 
> it very simple to see how multiple bugs are related. A milestone bug 
> would also have the added benefit of having a deadline.
We (at my company) use the Target Milestone for two different things:

   * To indicate what version a bug was fixed in.  For example, there 
may be a bug that was reported in version 1.0 but nobody got around to 
fixing it until 2.1.  In this sense, the target is never set until the 
bug is resolved.  We also have a script that runs every night via cron 
to check the database and annoy people who forget to set the target 
milestone when resolving bugs.  If I felt like customizing our templates 
locally, I'd rename it "Resolved In:"

   * To indicate what version we'd _like_ something fixed, which is what 
I believe the field was actually intended for.  For that, I agree with 
Bill that a special Milestone bug dependency would be better.

We also use the Status Whiteboard to keep track of clients who need to 
be notified via email when something is fixed. We can't use the cc list 
for this because 1) our bugzilla is on a private LAN with no connection 
to the internet for security reasons.  2) If we add all our clients as 
users, they'd show up not only on the CC list but on the Assigned To and 
QC Contact lists.  We'd really like a way to add a custom field that 
worked like the CC list but pulled from a different user table (actually 
an SQL query from the actual client database would be _really_ nice) and 
just didn't try to send out the email.  However, now I'm digressing into 
wish-list sorts of things.

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