show_bug.cgi display layout

Gervase Markham gerv at
Thu Jan 18 20:45:50 UTC 2007

Frédéric Buclin wrote:
> Currently no strong post-3.0 objective. We will discuss about this as 
> soon as 3.0 RC1 is released and the trunk open again for development. 
> One direction is to make Bugzilla usable on small devices.

Do we have strong use cases for this, in terms of actual people saying 
"Yes, I would use Bugzilla from my handheld if I could"?

>> Is the "personalities" project still a factor?
> This project is pretty dead AFAIK. gerv is the one who was working on 
> it. He could tell us more about it.

It can be used in its current state; more work would improve it.

The idea is to work out who our target audience is. If we are agreed 
that we've got it, then we're done. If we're not agreed, we need to 
think about it some more.


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