Self-Introduction: Fergus Sullivan

Gervase Markham gerv at
Thu Aug 30 09:26:07 UTC 2007

Pankaj K Garg wrote:
> I second the idea of looking into YUI (Yahoo User Interface Library) as 
> the means of providing a more Web 2.0 and AJAX'y interface to Bugzilla. 
> It comes with a BSD license, and so should be compatible (I think) with 
> the Mozilla license.

Recently, several frameworks of this sort have been developed. They all 
seem very cool and have capabilities far beyond what we want or need. 
Unless other Bugzilla developers have a strong preference for another 
one, if the Yahoo! team have YUI-based improvements to Bugzilla, that 
swings it for me.

The only thing is that we shouldn't end up using two!

BTW, there are no problems from a licensing point of view.


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