Self-Introduction: Fergus Sullivan

Myk Melez myk at
Wed Aug 29 21:38:26 UTC 2007

Pankaj K Garg wrote:
> I second the idea of looking into YUI (Yahoo User Interface Library) 
> as the means of providing a more Web 2.0 and AJAX'y interface to Bugzilla.
Thirded.  I used YUI for a recent project, and although I had some 
issues with it, I was impressed overall with the architecture and design.

> It comes with a BSD license, and so should be compatible (I think) 
> with the Mozilla license.
Gerv'll know more (and correct my presumption), but my understanding is 
that YUI's BSD license <> is 
indeed compatible with (presumably because more liberal than) the MPL 
license that Bugzilla uses.


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