Self-Introduction: Fergus Sullivan

Colin Ogilvie bugzilla at
Thu Aug 30 23:15:16 UTC 2007

Gervase Markham wrote:
> Recently, several frameworks of this sort have been developed. They
> all seem very cool and have capabilities far beyond what we want or
> need. Unless other Bugzilla developers have a strong preference for
> another one, if the Yahoo! team have YUI-based improvements to
> Bugzilla, that swings it for me.
> The only thing is that we shouldn't end up using two!
> BTW, there are no problems from a licensing point of view. 

Shouldn't we look to evaluate different libraries / frameworks based on
what we actually want to do with AJAX/DHTML/JavaScript rather than just
picking YUI because the Yahoo! team have used it?

There may be other frameworks that provide the functionality that we
need / want to use and it seems a bit naive to just use the first one


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