Bugzilla handling heavy load

Sam Fu samf at CollectiveStudios.Com
Sat Aug 18 21:12:19 UTC 2007

I basically reworked the whole UI.  It runs more like the Yahoo 2.0
	- Layout of North, South, East, West, and Center where the North
has	the title and the quicksearch input.  South has the footer. West
has a 	customize icon paired	menu, and East has all the customized
and 	saved searches.
	- The saved-search panel is auto-refreshed telling the user how
many 	bugs are in that search ( i.e. My Custom Search (15) ).
	- Tabbing, where individual bugs are in each tab.
	- A persistent search tab, that returns results in a grid where,
the 	columns are sortable.  This grid, is completely done in
Javascript, so 	it looks more like excel with CSS.  It's resizeable and
draggable 	where you can reorder the columns
	- Modal popups for errors
	- Separate dialog boxes for searching for bugs.
	- The system uses JSON so I had to reformat some of things (i.e.
created my own custom list.json.tmpl for search results and modified
	- Created hierarchy for bugs b/c I'm currently designing a agile
scheduler into it.
	- Etc...

I'd include a picture, but I don't think that'd post correctly.  

By the way, I'm wanting to port this over for mod_perl b/c of
performance.  The only thing I've noticed with mod_perl is that the
Response Header is formatted differently.  My UI is dependent that when
a non-200 OK header response is sent, it'll throw up a error modal box
informing the user of the problem.  I modified the Error.pm to throw
this error, but with mod_perl I never get an error in the response
header.  I was wondering if someone could help me out and tell me how to
do this.  (I'm new to mod_perl development).  

I noticed that the mod_perl.pl was always sending OK which according to
the mod_perl docs is supposed to happen.  I thought that the PerlOptions
+ParseHeaders would actually take the printed headers (maybe my error.pm
modification), but that doesn't seem to be happening.  Any help would be
appreciated, thanks.


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On Wed, 2007-08-15 at 16:45 -0700, Sam Fu wrote:
> Hey All, I was wondering if anyone had any information about this.
> I've managed to Web 2.0/Ajax Bugzilla 3.0 for my company's use.  From
> a UI and user experience perspective it has been well received.  The
> only adverse effect that I've noticed from doing this is the heavy
> load in terms of CPU usage on the server.  This is due in part to
> asynchronous connections that each individual calls to the server.
> While looking at the server I've noticed that Perl handles each
> individual request by creating a new process.  So if an individual
> makes 5 requests to the server (to update 5 different parts of the
> UI), the server handles it by opening 5 individual Perl.exe processes
> rather than, for example keeping a process open and running thread
> support.  
Are you running mod_perl? That might alleviate a good share of the
performance issues.
I am curious, what kinds of AJAXifications have you made? Are you
willing to submit a patch of them?

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