Bugzilla handling heavy load

Gregary Hendricks ghendricks at novell.com
Thu Aug 16 15:44:05 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-08-15 at 16:45 -0700, Sam Fu wrote:
> Hey All, I was wondering if anyone had any information about this.
> I’ve managed to Web 2.0/Ajax Bugzilla 3.0 for my company’s use.  From
> a UI and user experience perspective it has been well received.  The
> only adverse effect that I’ve noticed from doing this is the heavy
> load in terms of CPU usage on the server.  This is due in part to
> asynchronous connections that each individual calls to the server.
> While looking at the server I’ve noticed that Perl handles each
> individual request by creating a new process.  So if an individual
> makes 5 requests to the server (to update 5 different parts of the
> UI), the server handles it by opening 5 individual Perl.exe processes
> rather than, for example keeping a process open and running thread
> support.  
Are you running mod_perl? That might alleviate a good share of the
performance issues.
I am curious, what kinds of AJAXifications have you made? Are you
willing to submit a patch of them?

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