What kind of home page for Bugzilla?

Simon Steele simon.steele at softel.co.uk
Mon Mar 6 10:39:13 UTC 2006

> RSS is designed specifically for the purpose of allowing sites to
> display news items etc. from other sites. It seems to me that
> this already-existing infrastructure, software and design expertise is
> no-brainer. Particularly as TT has an RSS tool.

These seemingly opposing goals do not need to be separate: use RSS data
as the source for the news display mechanism, and if necessary provide a
configuration page that adds news to an RSS formatted document.

This way the display code is developed once supporting all forms of RSS
feed and the authoring (if added) works with a standard storage format.

The potential benefits of supporting RSS here are big, allowing
information from numerous useful sources (like CI systems for example)
to be drawn into the page. You could also automatically include bugzilla
search results on the front page if they can be suitably formatted as
RSS - thus removing the need for any custom work to support front-page


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