What kind of home page for Bugzilla?

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Mon Mar 6 09:45:34 UTC 2006

Benton, Kevin wrote:
> I don't think it's fair to put that kind of burden on our users - to
> expect them to understand HTML and Template Toolkit lingo enough to
> successfully modify their own news items. 

They wouldn't need to understand TT.

- Open file
- Insert news item above other news items, inside <p> tags
- Save file

> I also think that the RSS
> idea isn't the best for high-availability requirements systems because
> RSS adds another possible point of failure.

It would be an unusual high-availability Bugzilla which also needed
high-availability for the news items on the front page.

> I do believe, however, that
> a news maintenance section to Bugzilla makes a lot of sense.  I see
> Bugzilla as a tool that encapsulates data it relies on internally (as
> much as possible). 

Absolutely; and it does not rely on the content of news postings about

> While I'm not saying don't do RSS, I think a
> newsitems table is more administrator-friendly for those who don't have
> the time/energy/expertise to go through setting up RSS to work with
> Bugzilla.

But it's not just that, is it? It's like any additional feature - not
only does it have to be maintained, but people keep requesting
enhancements to it. "Let's have a rich text editor, a better posting
interface, automatic dating, categories, tagging..." and you end up
reinventing existing software, where you get all this included.

RSS is designed specifically for the purpose of allowing sites to
display news items etc. from other sites. It seems to me that leveraging
this already-existing infrastructure, software and design expertise is a
no-brainer. Particularly as TT has an RSS tool.

But then, I'm not the person who has a veto here, Dave is. I've made my
point. :-)


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