Commercial advertisments (signatures) in public announcements

Gervase Markham gerv at
Tue Jul 12 08:22:12 UTC 2005

David Miller wrote:
> Looking back in history, I see my signatures on the release 
> announcements included a link to Syndicomm when I was working there, and 
> as you see below, there's a link to now (my current 
> employer).  But that's what's always in my signature, and I just didn't 
> think to turn it off or change it.

On the other hand, Syndicomm didn't do Bugzilla work and your sig wasn't 
an ad for consulting services...

I see Max's point about being compensated for the work he does, but I 
think that anyone who has any connection with Bugzilla and who drops by 
the newsgroup will see him answering questions with his sig there in its 
full glory. :-)

Lots of people contribute to Bugzilla in different ways and, while I am 
very pleased that Max has taken on the job of making releases, in 
hindsight it seems a bit unfair on people who "just" do back-end work 
but also offer consulting services.


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