Commercial advertisments (signatures) in public announcements

David Miller justdave at
Tue Jul 12 06:34:30 UTC 2005

Vlad Dascalu wrote:

> I'm worried about using commercial advertisments in the signatures of 
> our public official announcements and security advisories.
> I've started this based on Mkanat's signature in the 2.18.3 
> announcement, in which he advertises his company at the bottom of the 
> announcement.
> I do think we should avoid this path. Rewarding Bugzilla contributions 
> with the ability to promote your own company is a road that I'd like to 
> avoid. But I'd thought I'd ask for feedback. :-)

Looking back in history, I see my signatures on the release 
announcements included a link to Syndicomm when I was working there, and 
as you see below, there's a link to now (my current 
employer).  But that's what's always in my signature, and I just didn't 
think to turn it off or change it.

But yes, it's probably best if we keep commercial references out of our 
official announcements unless they're related to the announcement.

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