Commercial advertisments (signatures) in public announcements

Christopher Hicks chicks at
Tue Jul 12 13:10:41 UTC 2005

On Tue, 12 Jul 2005, Vlad Dascalu wrote:
> I'm worried about using commercial advertisments in the signatures of our 
> public official announcements and security advisories.
> It's "only" a signature, but, nonetheless, I do think that official Bugzilla 
> announcements or other official emails, sent in the name of the Bugzilla 
> team, should not promote a company or a service. We already have a page for 
> those, where we list them, more or less equaly. I do remember the idea of 
> Google Ads for financial support, but we even dropped that one.

A signature is typically a place for personal expression.  Whether that 
expression is political, religious, humorous, or commercial its the 
personal expression of the person.  Even mkanat recognized that some extra 
consideration should be made about the appropriateness of sigs while 
functioning in an official BZ role by removing it for sometime.  But 
beyond that if its clearly part of the signature and not part of body then 
it seems to be associated with that person personally and not part of 
their official execution of duty.


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