update to the default bugzilla css

Kevin Benton kevin.benton at amd.com
Tue Jan 25 16:20:52 UTC 2005

> > Also, I'm a bit icky regarding the use of the bugzilla.org header at
> > every b.m.o. installation as a default. I thought about our "mascot" to
> > be more specific to bugzilla.org rather than every b.m.o. installation.
> As much as I hate to throw a wet-blanket on things, he's right, and for
> legal reasons, not just "trying to keep our identity".

I would rather not see background images used for the logo, or if you must,
make sure you specify that the image does not repeat.  I would also prefer
to see the header code as a parameter, or at least the ability to specify
the logo image in the parameter section.  This would make customization
between installations much easier.

BTW - the way we use the header here is to put the company's logo on the
left side of the header, and an installation-specific image on the right as
a table.  

And Byron - I too agree that it's a very nice "baby step."

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