Release schedule plans

Vlad Dascalu vladd at
Wed Jan 12 17:52:14 UTC 2005

Shane H. W. Travis wrote:

>I may not be on the reviewers mailing list, but I'm well aware of everything
>that has been said on it, as one of its recipients has been (at my request)
>forwarding the relevant discussion to me as it takes place.
I think we should discourage such practices. Either that or we make the 
reviewers@ thing public.

>If you continue to rebuff any attempts to help and to reject all feedback,
>however, then the logical assumption to make is that you *knnow* that you
>are hurting people and pissing them off, and that you don't care.
I will continue to do things that make me happy, that is continue the 
improvement of the devel process.

I don't reject any feedback at all, I welcome suggestions like everybody 
else should. But I'm not steering away from my direction.

You guys are free to understand what you want, to make whatever 
assumptions you might like, and to react accordingly.


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