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Shane H. W. Travis travis at
Wed Jan 12 17:50:53 UTC 2005

On Wed, 12 Jan 2005, Vlad Dascalu wrote:

> Shane H. W. Travis wrote:
> >I may not be on the reviewers mailing list, but I'm well aware of everything
> >that has been said on it, as one of its recipients has been (at my request)
> >forwarding the relevant discussion to me as it takes place.
> >
> I think we should discourage such practices. Either that or we make the
> reviewers@ thing public.

I would generally agree, and I would bet that the person who sent them to me
would generally agree too. It's a closed list for a reason -- so that only
people who have permission to view those messages may do so.

I have such permission. Dave has said that he would put me on the list if
I want to be there, so I have a right to view those messages; the fact that
I get those messages second-hand does not change the legitimacy of my
accessing them. The person who forwarded them to me did nothing wrong.

As I said, I stand by my earlier comments; your message may be important,
but how you are choosing to get it across is interfering with its reception.
If you truly care as much about people paying attention as you have
repeatedly claimed, then I would think that you would welcome -- and utilize
-- any suggestions on how to make people *more* willing to listen to it.

Perhaps you are listening to all the feedback... but so far, I've seen very
little of it put to use.

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