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Shane H. W. Travis travis at
Wed Jan 12 16:46:17 UTC 2005

On Wed, 12 Jan 2005, Gervase Markham wrote:

> Vlad Dascalu wrote:
> > Like Nick, you don't have access to reviewers@ and you're missing a lot
> > of background,

(that comment was aimed at me, but I'm responding to Gerv's message that
includes it.)

I may not be on the reviewers mailing list, but I'm well aware of everything
that has been said on it, as one of its recipients has been (at my request)
forwarding the relevant discussion to me as it takes place.

So I'm *not* missing any background. I am aware of every word written
by both you and those responding to you... and I stand by my earlier

> Several people are now politely pointing out that they have difficulties
> with your communications style. You can continue to ignore this feedback
> (in which case, you are still swinging the baseball bat, and the obvious
> consequences will probably follow) or you could think "hmm, now three
> people have told me the same thing - perhaps they have a point".

/me nods at Gerv

Vlad, what you seem to be missing is that quite a number of people are
trying to help you out. They (and I) are collectively saying, "From what I
know of you and your past behaviour, I judge that you aren't intending to
piss anyone off or hurt anyone's feelings. Nonetheless, you are doing so.
Here is how what you are saying is being interpreted, and here are some
suggestions on how you could change that."

This isn't being done because people *dis*like you; quite the contrary. If
people didn't like and respect you, they wouldn't bother trying to help;
they'd just tune you out. Would that we all had people who respected us and
cared enough about us to be gently honest with us.

If you continue to rebuff any attempts to help and to reject all feedback,
however, then the logical assumption to make is that you *knnow* that you
are hurting people and pissing them off, and that you don't care. Having
made that logical leap, a lot of people will end up losing that 'like' and
'respect', and a lot more of them will tune you out.

This is neither a threat nor an attempt to shut you up; it is simply my
observations of human nature.

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