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I don't think anyone is trying to bash you or force you to accept a point.
More than anything, I think people are asking themselves in disbelief, "How
far is he willing to take this?"  On the other hand, what would generate the
most happiness for you?  Look back and ask yourself if the current approach
is working for you.

What's more important?  Being right or being happy?  It's a lot easier to
work toward happiness if you can balance being right with being happy.  Is
it really that important to be right in this case?  Think about it.  I have
to think about that every day with my wife.  Is what I'm thinking about more
important than being happy?  There are times when it is, but I choose those
battles very carefully.  There are other times when it's better to say "yes,
dear" or "I'm sorry" or "you're right."  This is not about being "bud
buddies" but about being effective relating to others.  When someone acts
offensively toward another person (as we all do from time to time whether
intentional or not it's appropriate), recognize it, apologize, and move
forward with the knowledge of what happened with the goal of not reproducing
those results.

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> Shane H. W. Travis wrote:
> >Since you want to talk about it in computer terms... if a message is
> >garbled -- full of noise and insignificant information -- then it is not
> up
> >to the receiver to try and find the signal in there; it is up to the
> sender
> >to try and clean up the message until it is clearly understood.
> >
> >
> Yeah. But it's more important for the network to keep its internal
> "security cohesion" rather than to have any sender understood, at any
> cost.
> Anyway, in this case, I think the message got across better due to its
> direct and straightforward path.
> Like Nick, you don't have access to reviewers@ and you're missing a lot
> of background, including Gerv's speech due to which (and other factors
> to be fair) he and me ended up in this "defensive" state (to which
> people only contribute more by trying to straight up things without
> having access to the original background).
> >See, that's the thing. We shouldn't have to be bulletproof *from each
> >other*. We're all in this together. You may honestly have the intentions
> of
> >trying to 'trying to make everyone better', but I believe that I'm about
> the
> >fourth or fifth person now to tell you that HOW you are conveying your
> >message is interfering with the message itself. Your signal -- the good
> >parts of your message -- are having a harder time getting through because
> of
> >all the noise -- the emotion and negativity.
> >
> >
> I don't agree. Ironically, I think the emotion and negativity is what
> made people question the communication process in the first place. :-)
> >If you start swinging a baseball bat around, and someone gets hurt, then
> the
> >fault is not theirs for failing to have a thick enough head.
> Furthermore,
> >if you continue to swing the bat around after people ask you repeatedly
> to
> >stop, then people are going to start avoiding you because you're painful
> and
> >dangerous to be around.
> >
> >
> That would be kind of cool because we could encourage an environment
> where you don't have to be bud buddies in order to work together. Sadly,
> the current is true in Bugzilla development and some straighten up would
> be cool to do.
> Vlad.
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