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Vlad Dascalu vladd at
Wed Jan 12 01:35:42 UTC 2005

Kevin Benton wrote:

>More than anything, I think people are asking themselves in disbelief, "How
>far is he willing to take this?"
I'm asking myself how far are you guys going to keep this unproductive 
discussion on emotional issues and what it takes to focus on the topic 
(see subject).

>On the other hand, what would generate the
>most happiness for you?
My current happiness is related to Bugzilla devel improvements. I stated 
this in the past. Are we going over this again? *sigh*

>  Look back and ask yourself if the current approach
>is working for you.
Yes it is.

>What's more important?  Being right or being happy?
Being happy. That is, making Bugzilla devel improvements, even if I'm wrong.

>  It's a lot easier to
>work toward happiness if you can balance being right with being happy.
There's no need to balance because I don't have any primary goal as 
being right. Of course, if that proves a secondary goal in order to 
fulfill the primary one, then ok, but there's no conflict then and no 
balance thing needed.

>  Is
>it really that important to be right in this case?
I don't want to be right about it, and it's not important. However, I 
don't follow you. How did you end up to think that it's important for me 
to be right? And how it's more productive to pshyco-emotionally analyse 
me rather then stick with the topic? :)

>When someone acts
>offensively toward another person (as we all do from time to time whether
>intentional or not it's appropriate), recognize it, apologize, and move
>forward with the knowledge of what happened with the goal of not reproducing
>those results.
I already appologized generically for all the things that came out rude 
without me wanting to say them that way. That is not the issue here. ;-)


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