bug tracking, or task management?

John Fisher john.fisher at znyx.com
Mon Oct 18 15:40:25 UTC 2004

FWIW dept:
I have done something with a similar intent in a different way:
we too have multiple branches of the same code base. I have added a 
branch field and a clone field. Branches are not product-dependent in 
our world, but versions do have a unique relationship with a branch. 
Bugs may be cloned at any time in their lifecycle, en mass at the 
creation of a branch, or singly. I have also added a diff clones by 
branch feature which allows a user to find out whether and which bugs 
have been cloned from one branch to another.
Unfortunately I can't supply a patch, as I have headed off so far into 
the wilderness, that I basically have a forked code base. I'd be happy 
to supply snippets or advice or whatever, if this is widely useful.

Shane H. W. Travis wrote:

> I've just made some localized mods that fall smack on the side of Task
> Management, and I'm wondering if something like this would be at all
> interesting to Bugzilla.
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