bug tracking, or task management?

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Sat Oct 16 12:38:48 UTC 2004

Shane H. W. Travis wrote:
> I can think of a number of situations where something like this would come
> in really handy... but they seem to me to fall under 'task management' and
> not 'bug tracking'. Silly example: you own five rental properties, and want
> to get new locks on each one. The meta-task is "Install new locks in each of
> my properties"; each of your properties (products) has its own copy of this
> item, blocked by the original. As the hardware arrives, you install it in
> each house as you make visits there, and close the appropriate bug. (This
> contrived situation is actually analogous to some hardware projects we have
> in the building.)

Usually, one would use dependencies for this, and "bookmarkable 
template" support on the bug entry page to create the five bugs, one for 
each lock changing operation.

> Unlike some of my local modifications -- which I confess are 'do whatever
> works' -- I was inspired by recent participation in this list to try and do
> this *right*. As such, I think I could make a decent patch for this. It
> would still be some work, though, especially since I'd have to test it
> against a 2.19 installation (right?) and we're only running 2.16.6 locally.
> I don't see any open (or closed) bugs or enhancement requests asking for a
> feature like this, though, and it may well be that nobody out there but us
> NEEDS to be able to duplicate a bug (or in our case, a Log Item).

There's definitely a bug on this. Search for "clone bug".

> So, I'm looking for some feedback, I guess. Does this fall into Bugzilla's
> 'scope' as a bug-tracking tool, or is it too task-managementish? Or does it
> matter, because nobody but us would ever need such an enhancement anyway so
> there's no use submitting it?

I think there is a need for it, and I don't think it's a particularly 
"task management" feature, but no-one's actually done it yet.


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