Sxip: a new authentication and user-base for Bugzilla

Andy Smith andyster at
Sun Oct 3 04:43:42 UTC 2004

> Just grabbed the tarball and had a peek, and I like the idea first off.
>   However, I don't like the idea of modifying to make it
> work.  If you need changes there, you should let us know what changes
> you need and see if we can provide a hook somehow so you don't have to
> actually change anything in Bugzilla itself.

This is actually almost exactly why I was submitting this. I noticed
in the comments that there was planned support for more authentication
systems, so I had high hopes of some support from you guys as to where
to proceed further.

I'll check out 2.19 and see what the outlook is from there.

Thanks for the tip.

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