Sxip: a new authentication and user-base for Bugzilla

David Miller justdave at
Sun Oct 3 00:07:27 UTC 2004

Andy Smith wrote:

> I just wrote a chunk of code to integrate Sxip authentication with
> Bugzilla.

Just grabbed the tarball and had a peek, and I like the idea first off. 
  However, I don't like the idea of modifying to make it 
work.  If you need changes there, you should let us know what changes 
you need and see if we can provide a hook somehow so you don't have to 
actually change anything in Bugzilla itself.

In Bugzilla 2.19.1 (due to be released in the next day or so), the 
authentication modules have been split up so there is a complete 
distinction between "modules that interact with the user to gather 
authentication information" and "modules that interact with an 
authentication source to determine if the user's credentials are valid". 
  As such, Auth::CGI can now be replaced just as easily as Auth::DB can 
be, and only requires changes to the parameters to pick the one you want 
to use.  For example, we now provide one that lets you use an 
environment variable for authentication (in case of using HTTP 
authentication or some other web-server integrated signon which provides 
the authenticated user's information in an environment variable).

If you can't already make it work within that infrastructure, I'd be 
very interested in getting Bugzilla itself to the point where you can 
install your integration just by dropping those files into the Auth 

Dave Miller      Project Leader, Bugzilla Bug Tracking System   

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