Sxip: a new authentication and user-base for Bugzilla

Joel Peshkin bugreport at
Sun Oct 3 00:31:46 UTC 2004

Actually, from a first glance, what you are trying to do should be a 
very good fit with the new authentication in Bugzilla.  In particular, 
the new system should permit you to keep your changes to a very few 
files.  I suggest you look at the support in 2.19 for authentication by 
environment variable.  It has the capability to identify a user by using 
a persistant identifier (like your GUPI) and then associating it with 
the login_name (a.k.a. email address).  A key difference is what happens 
the first time a user who exists in Bugzilla but has no GUPI visits and 
is authenticated by SXIP.  In the case analagous to the environment 
authentication, Bugzilla will learn that, since there was no user with 
that GUPI and the user with the same email address had no GUPI, this 
email address now does go with that GUPI.


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