Status: Resolved Later

Kevin Benton kevin.benton at
Thu Dec 9 17:49:41 UTC 2004

> Pending - The bug is waiting to be closed because the bug fixer is
> waiting for a new device driver or a piece hardware; i.e., waiting on
> some outside event to take place so the bug can be closed.
> Enhance - the bug is a good idea (not really a defect but a feature
> request) but will not be implemented in this version (it will be
> considered for the next version or release).
> Defer - it was decided not to fix the bug for whatever reason (we make
> people write the reason when they put the defer status on the bug - we
> can live with it, it's too complicated at this point in the product life
> cycle, whatever).

Those are good ideas.  Do you require a comment for your pending status?
Also, where in the status list did you choose to place those statuses?  What
in your mind, is the difference between Defer and Resolved/WONTFIX?  Do you
consider Defer a closed status?  How do you classify your Pending reasons?
Is there a way for you to do it automatically in your reporting right now or
is that a manual process?

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