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In regards to the Pending status issue we use the following status' in
bz which others may find useful:

Pending - The bug is waiting to be closed because the bug fixer is
waiting for a new device driver or a piece hardware; i.e., waiting on
some outside event to take place so the bug can be closed.

Enhance - the bug is a good idea (not really a defect but a feature
request) but will not be implemented in this version (it will be
considered for the next version or release).

Defer - it was decided not to fix the bug for whatever reason (we make
people write the reason when they put the defer status on the bug - we
can live with it, it's too complicated at this point in the product life
cycle, whatever).


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Thought I'd pipe up and add why we use Resolved/Later.  Maybe it will
someone have that breakthrough moment as they are thinking about this

What we need is a clear way to mark an entry for a later release.  We
are in
a very regulated environment (medical devices) and need to carefully
document which issues we decide to not address in a release (and why).
using the resolved/later, we are "forced" to enter a comment (cause we
that parameter) and hopefully will enter the evaluation that indicates
the issue doesn't impact efficacy or safety.

Now resolved/later isn't  perfect (after all, the issue isn't really
resolved, just delayed).  But it gets close (at least for our needs).  

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