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My responses are below. I've also attached a graphic showing our bug
life cycle.

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> Pending - The bug is waiting to be closed because the bug fixer is
> waiting for a new device driver or a piece hardware; i.e., waiting on
> some outside event to take place so the bug can be closed.
> Enhance - the bug is a good idea (not really a defect but a feature
> request) but will not be implemented in this version (it will be
> considered for the next version or release).
> Defer - it was decided not to fix the bug for whatever reason (we make
> people write the reason when they put the defer status on the bug - we
> can live with it, it's too complicated at this point in the product
> cycle, whatever).

> Those are good ideas.  Do you require a comment for your pending

Yes. I rigged bz to require a comment when the status is changed.

> Also, where in the status list did you choose to place those statuses?
What in your mind, is the difference between Defer and Resolved/WONTFIX?

Defer means 'we'll get to it later'. Won't Fix I commonly call "you
can't make me fix it" or "we'll never fix it". 

> Do you consider Defer a closed status?  

No, I roll these bugs over into the new project (change the assigned
project) and change the status back to Open.

> How do you classify your Pending reasons? Is there a way for you to do
it automatically in your reporting right now or is that a manual

It's done manually by the tester when the bug is reviewed.

"The Pending status is used only by testers on Fixed bugs when a bug
cannot be tested immediately. The tester may be waiting on hardware,
device drivers, a build, or additional information necessary to test the
bug. When the necessary items have been obtained, the bug status is
changed back to Fixed and is tested. It is critical that the bug is
tested just as thoroughly as any other bug fix; make sure testing is not

The bug life cycle has become a pet project for me and I've written
about it. Here's a reference for more information:

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