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Christopher Hicks chicks at
Mon Dec 6 23:39:20 UTC 2004

On Mon, 6 Dec 2004, Jake wrote:
> While this person certainly could have asked his question on the 
> newsgroup, a little exposure on Slashdot is actually pretty cool :). 
> Wish I would have seen it when it was first posted as it would have been 
> nice to make an "informative" post or two, but oh well :).

You could still.  It usually takes a few weeks for discussion to get shut 

> I'd actually try and slip some more updates into the 2.18 tarball, but I 
> don't know when that's gonna be rolled and I know that it won't be held 
> up for docs (nor would I want it to be).

If history serves as any example there will be updates to 2.18, so even if 
docs for 2.18.0 aren't "all that they could be", 2.18.1 could/should 
include docs updates.


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