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Jake jake at
Mon Dec 6 23:21:03 UTC 2004

My Internet connection appears to be back now so I should be able to start
going through some of these docs updates in the near future. From what I
understand (I haven't actually had much of a chance to look at the win32
docs update bug) 2.18 runs on Windows with no code changes. This certainly
makes the pain of installing Bugzilla on windows much less. In fact, I
really should try it myself :P.

I'll have to remmeber to take a look at his article when I get a chance.
While this person certainly could have asked his question on the
newsgroup, a little exposure on Slashdot is actually pretty cool :). Wish
I would have seen it when it was first posted as it would have been nice
to make an "informative" post or two, but oh well :).

> We might actually have decent docs in the 2.20 tarball  :)

I'd actually try and slip some more updates into the 2.18 tarball, but I
don't know when that's gonna be rolled and I know that it won't be held up
for docs (nor would I want it to be).

> Gervase Markham wrote:
>> There weren't many complaints about Bugzilla's function, and some nice
>> things said about it, but we need to work on our installation process -
>> either actually, or the perception of it. People still think Bugzilla
>> is hard to install.
> And part of that problem is our documentation, which still *says* it's
> hard to install, and people believe it. :)  (hence the quote from the docs
> in the banner article on slashdot).
> That is actually already in the process of being fixed (and may already
> be, I haven't looked lately, but I know there's been major action on that
> bug, even in the few days prior to that article going up :)
> The docs guys have been going crazy the last few weeks, between Shane
> taking an active role in the docs and Jake resurfacing. :)  We might
> actually have decent docs in the 2.20 tarball :)
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