Patch query - single email per bug

David Miller justdave at
Thu Dec 2 22:01:18 UTC 2004

Sean McAfee wrote:

> By the way, in my digging around, I was shocked to find that bug mails are
> actually sent by the *Template Toolkit*, in its processing of the "bug mail
> sent" template.  This strikes me as a breathtakingly bad design.  I'm still
> using an older version of BZ, though; is it still done this way?  Is there
> some reason for it I just don't see?

Yeah, we didn't like it much when we did it (and yes, it's still done 
that way).  I remember there being a good reason for it at the time (or 
at least one nobody could find a counter for), but I don't remember what 
that reason was.  Something about limited capabilities on the part of 
Template Toolkit I think.

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