Clearing out old history on a bugzilla project

Lee Ivy lee at
Thu Dec 2 07:28:57 UTC 2004

We are working with a bugzilla database that has been in place for about 3 years. Due to some changes in our company's product strategy, the data from 2001 until aooroximately summer 2004 is of minimal interest to us, and in some cases it gets in the way. Unfortunately both the old & recent data use the same project name in bugzilla.

We have two questions:
  1.. When I run the bug status history chart, the chart is dominated by the old un-interesting data and the recent 2004 data is squished far to the right. Can anyone point us to where we could find the historical data that feeds into these charts, and tell us how to safely delete the old counts so that our graphs are not skewed by them anymore?
  2.. We are considering going one step farther and archiving all the old bugs themselves. Is there a relatively safe way to do this? Are there any caveats, pitfalls, reasons to think twice before plowing ahead, etc? (or is there a safer alternative such as moving all the old ones to a different project?)

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netZentry, Inc.
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