Patch query - single email per bug

Sean McAfee etzwane at
Thu Dec 2 21:28:09 UTC 2004

"Kevin Benton" <kevin.benton at> wrote:
>Has anyone written a patch to make BZ send just one email per bug?  I
>have one here as a local customization.  It allows our mail servers to
>kill some of the duplicate emails that are going out (due to members of
>lists getting notified along with being included for other reasons). 
>It's also reducing the load on the server because it only makes one call
>to sendmail instead of one per recipient.  I'd like to include it in the
>public release.
>Before I send it up for review, I wanted to get feedback on the idea
>first.  I plan to implement a flag to enable/disable this feature named
>OneEmailPerBug with a status of on/off.

I've also implemented this, on a per-product basis, by adding a column
"condensemail" to the PRODUCTS table.

Unfortunately, it required some rather intrusive edits to Bugzilla::BugMail.
(For example, the sub &NewProcessOnePerson is now &NewProcessPeople.)

By the way, in my digging around, I was shocked to find that bug mails are
actually sent by the *Template Toolkit*, in its processing of the "bug mail
sent" template.  This strikes me as a breathtakingly bad design.  I'm still
using an older version of BZ, though; is it still done this way?  Is there
some reason for it I just don't see?


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