Patch query - single email per bug

David Miller justdave at
Wed Dec 1 21:10:44 UTC 2004

Kevin Benton wrote:
> Has anyone written a patch to make BZ send just one email per bug?  I
> have one here as a local customization.  It allows our mail servers to
> kill some of the duplicate emails that are going out (due to members of
> lists getting notified along with being included for other reasons). 
> It's also reducing the load on the server because it only makes one call
> to sendmail instead of one per recipient.  I'd like to include it in the
> public release.
> Before I send it up for review, I wanted to get feedback on the idea
> first.  I plan to implement a flag to enable/disable this feature named
> OneEmailPerBug with a status of on/off.

Bugzilla used to do that, and it got killed on purpose when we allowed 
users to customize what events they get email for.  It was left that way 
after some discussion because users will soon be able to customize how 
their email is delivered (i.e. text vs html, etc) and the number of 
parameters affecting what the email each person should get are just 

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