Bugzilla CSS plan

Myk Melez myk at mozilla.org
Tue Aug 10 04:19:32 UTC 2004

Gervase Markham wrote:

> Why not skins/default/ ? Then skins/default/ and skins/custom/ match 
> template/<lang>/default/ and template/<lang>/custom/ . No need to 
> re-invent terminology, surely?

It's not reinvention but rather correct application.  Between "the skin 
shipped with Bugzilla" and "the skin this installation uses," the latter 
is most accurately signified by the term "default," hence the 
"default_skin" parameter (and, for that matter, the "defaultlanguage" 
parameter, whose initial value is "en," not "default").  We could call 
the former anything; "standard" captures its relationship to Bugzilla well.

>> Skins can be either single CSS files (skins/<name>.css) or 
>> directories of files (skins/<name>/) with the same directory/file 
>> structure as the default skin.
> Why have the additional complexity of the skins/<name>.css option, 
> when it's exactly equivalent to skins/<name>/global.css?

Because it enables skins to be distributed as individual CSS files, 
which according to Vitaly is a common and popular way of distributing them.

>> Bugzilla uses the standard skin by default.  Admins can make Bugzilla 
>> use a third-party skin by default via the "default_skin" parameter.  
> "defaultskin" to match "defaultlanguage"?

In the past we've used underscores, dashes and nothing to separate words 
in parameter names.  Of these three options, underscores and dashes are 
the standards in the computing world for signifiers.  Among other 
things, they let us prettify the names when used as labels.  We should 
use one of those two.


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