Bugzilla CSS plan

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Sat Aug 7 18:56:51 UTC 2004

Myk Melez wrote:
>   Here's the revised Bugzilla CSS plan.  

Generally looks good. A few comments:

> We move the Bugzilla stylesheets, which currently live in css/, to 
> skins/standard/, and we call them the standard skin.

Why not skins/default/ ? Then skins/default/ and skins/custom/ match 
template/<lang>/default/ and template/<lang>/custom/ . No need to 
re-invent terminology, surely?

> Installation admins can install third-party skins by adding them to the 
> skins/ directory and then adding their name to the "skins" parameter.

Just like languages. Cool.

> Skins can be either single CSS files (skins/<name>.css) or directories 
> of files (skins/<name>/) with the same directory/file structure as the 
> default skin.

Why have the additional complexity of the skins/<name>.css option, when 
it's exactly equivalent to skins/<name>/global.css?

> Bugzilla uses the standard skin by default.  Admins can make Bugzilla 
> use a third-party skin by default via the "default_skin" parameter.  

"defaultskin" to match "defaultlanguage"?


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