history of Bugzilla?

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Sat Aug 7 19:02:42 UTC 2004

Matthew P. Barnson wrote:
> Terry Weissman initially released Bugzilla in late 1998.

Early 1998, actually. The Mozilla source code was released in March '98, 
and I'm pretty sure Bugzilla was around the same time. ant.jpg is dated 
Aug 1998.

> "Bugzilla 1" was his initial effort in TCL.  People liked it so much
> immediately that they began working with it.  Many of those original
> bugs were numbers 1-50 -- which is why bugzilla.mozilla.org does not
> have bug numbers below fifty.  Terry allocated that space to the old TCL
> bug system.

Actually, the first bug in b.m.o. is 35.

> Bugzilla 2 was the original Perl effort.  If you look at early Bugzilla
> bugs, you'll find a lot of feature requests for ways to do things --
> like editing the comments after they have been entered.  That's a
> feature that has never been implemented, despite sitting in the buglist
> for years, because people, apparently, LIKE the fact you can't go back
> and edit your previous comment.

Indeed. Don't mess with history. Also, see what a UI mess bulletin 
boards which allow this get into when they try and indicate to people 
that history has been changed, and how.


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