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Joel Peshkin bugreport at
Fri Apr 30 04:00:28 UTC 2004

David W. Taylor wrote:

>To All:
>This may not the best venue for this discussion, but I'll start here and 
>make the rounds as needed.
>I would like to start building a web based technical support system based 
>on the current Bugzilla code.  The system would be loosely follow  the 
>design specifications found at 


  It seems that there is a set of features that such systems would need 
that are useful to a number of Bugzilla sites.  Rather than starting by 
forking, why not prepare a list of features needed that are not in 
Bugzilla today?  After examining the list, we may find that there is a 
set of features that make sense for both Bugzilla and your new project 
and should be done in common code.  After that analysis, you can still 
decide to stay merged, fork, or track.


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